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One common theme which we're proud of is the quality of our email. it's email, right? Email is... Well email. You spend half your time reading spam, and the other half reading genuine mails. It drove us mad too. That's when we sat down and put together our mail filtering systems. We do lots of different checks against a new email. Is it someone you email regularly? Is it full of images? Where did it come from? It'll make an intelligent decision based on this and hundreds of other factors and either mark it as junk mail or if it's really bad just pop it into quarantine on our servers. Most of the email we receive for customers - around 99% - is spam. New customers comment on how spam has just disappeared when they switch over to us, and we work hard in the background to keep it that way.


The first thing most potential customers do is look you up on the web. You need your site to be there, working and as responsive to use as it can be. You can chuck it on a one-size-fits-all hosting company and hope for the best, or give it to us to manage. We tune every server we have to squeeze the most we can out of it. That's where years of optimisation for big (as in a million hits a month plus) servers comes in. You get the same experience brought to your hosting needs as they do.

IP Phones

You're a small business, and you only have a mobile number. We can get you set up with a geographic number that rings your mobile, or even a proper switchboard when people ring. It's cheap, easy and gives a better customer experience. Why wouldn't you?

Why Choose Us?
Free Daily Backups
And we backup our backups. Yes, really.
24/7 Customer Support
Your problems aren’t 9-5, we aren’t either.
Custom Servers
As much, or as little power as you need.
Single Point of Contact
One call to sort your hosting, mail or connectivity.
Tailored Services
We don’t do one size fits all.
Unlimited Disk Space
Space…. We got lots of it.


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